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Even within the densest city neighborhood, opportunities abound to discover, restore, and nourish natural systems. 

By articulating visions for outdoor spaces, we help our clients enjoy their natural surroundings to the fullest.

We collaborate with municipal, institutional, commercial and residential clients to enhance the beauty, ecology and function of outdoor spaces.




  • People to people

  • People to activities

  • People to special places

  • People to nature


Preserve, Protect, Mitigate, and Enhance


  • Preserve natural, social, and cultural assets of a site.

  • Protect vegetation, water, and soils, as well as geological & anthropological resources.

  • Mitigate existing conditions to be more sustainable.

  • Enhance the natural environment, creating places to cherish.


Promote a Safe Environment Through Inspired Design

  • Respect the social science supporting "crime prevention through environmental design."

  • Consider a continuum of ages and physical abilities with accessible design.


Enhance Sustainability and Reduce Long-Term Maintenance


  • Specify materials with beauty and longevity.

  • Use native plants where feasible but recognize there is a wide palette from which to select for specific site conditions.

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